Nothing is
more state of mind than fashion
stands for unique, innovative still wearable design
doesn‘t follow seasons
slow fashion and design - good products need their time
creating style rather than fast fashion
explores new ways of using material
produces only pièces uniques or strictly limited editions
made exclusively in Italy, Germany and France
 the morse code of the letters n-c-h
“nothing by charlotte hartig“ forms the brand icon
stands for finest material of great quality


You get
the piece that makes you unique and special
innovative use of materials
make-you-smile ideas
 uniqueness and handmade quality


The design label “Nothing by Charlotte Hartig“ was

founded in 2012 in Munich, Germany.

The designer worked for several high end fashion labels

such as BLESS in Berlin, Paris and Milan

before founding her own design company. Her approach is

to realize ideas not only in fashion,

but also design and art that are blurring your way to see everyday objects.
 Objets détournés and the unusual use of materials

are important parts of her work as well as designing in total freedom of mind.